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Filippo d’Agliè’s Surviving Manuscripts

Filippo d’Agliè’s Surviving Manuscripts Filippo d’Agliè (1604-1667) was an eminent personality in Italian history in seventeenth century due to his extraordinary talents: he was a successful politician, attached to the court of Savoy, and the creator of more than thirty ballets of great ingenuity and originality. D’Agliè’s artistic legacy remains largely unstudied by recent scholarship. [...]

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Early Music and Dance is an open access online journal created to provide a forum for scholarly studies of the cultures of early Middle Ages to the end of the seventeenth century. The scope is broad and includes historical and archival studies, music, dance, iconography, theatre, court festivals and philosophy. The site will draw together established scholars, students and professionals, who are engaged on relevant practical work, to exchange knowledge and awareness of new research developments. Early Music and Dance promotes international exchange and cooperation, new methodological ideas and interdisciplinary approaches.


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Early Music and Dance is dedicated to the study and performance of the dance and music of early Middle Ages to the seventeenth century and related arts and its contributors range from senior scholars to new voices in the field.  The journal welcomes original research and interdisciplinary articles revealing intersections with topics in other fields such as;